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Signature Products

Straight from the can? How about straight from the cow! This light, fluffy garnish that goes on our specialty sundaes is freshly-made from heavy whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla to really make them something special. No cans or tubs or preservatives. We think that’s a pretty “cool whip,” don’t you?

Whipped Cream

Signature Products

Sure, you’ve had a cone dipped in cherry or chocolate topping at other ice cream shops...but how about Mango? Or Cappuccino? Grape? Lime? Check out our permanent roster of classics - Peanut Butter, Crunch, and Birthday Cake (Amboy only) - and check the window or Facebook for new flavors. When it comes to Dips, we’re at the Top!



What’s better than an ice cream sundae? That’s right, an ice cream sundae with brownies! Homemade by Yolane herself. These supremely-tasty treats are always selling like hotcakes. Well, hot brownies.



Blue Moon

There’s a reason this regional classic outsells all our other flavors by leaps and bounds: it’s absolutely out of this world! A vibrant ice cream with a mysterious might think it’s only available once in a blue moon. Boy, have we got good news for you.


Buffalo Chip

George has a baking project, too! He’s put himself in charge of the chocolate chip cookies that go into our delicious Buffalo Chip ice cream sandwiches. While others at our local 4H fair are bringing their livestock, he drives his herd of 2,000 Buffalo (Chips) there and never has any left to bring home!

Fresh Fruit Slush

The perfect treat on a hot day, or even a cool one! Strawberry, raspberry, lemon lime, kiwi: we take our fruit flavors to the next level. Check out the special Watermelon and Orange slushes too, only available around the season between Memorial Day and Labor Day -- some of our hottest flavors for some of our hottest days!


The Meusel’s have had a whirlwind love affair with ice cream since George and Yolane jumped in feet first to the ice cream business. Meusel’s Dairy Delite has been in the family since 1986, when they bought a small ice cream shop in Amboy, IL. There was a steep learning curve but the pair climbed the ice cream everest to sweet ‘with a cherry on top’ success. They were ready for the challenge and took their kids along for the tasty trip. Like Yolane says ‘We bought our kids summer jobs’. This is truly a family business.

Ready to expand, George and Yolane opened the Dixon Dairy Delite in 1998. In 2000, Molly (The second daughter) made her way home to the farm and ultimately the ice cream dynasty. Her summit was a much smaller task with George and Yolane on belay. She has now been running both stores since 2011, but the original double dip – George and Yolane are still very involved. Yolane is the cocoa whisperer and brilliant brownie baker. She also provides an extra smile at the window when we are short staffed. George is the maestro of the hard ice cream and keeps the Amboy store tuned up with regular prep and maintenance. Of course, they both still have a hand in some of our signature recipes.

In 1986, the menu was immediately expanded from cones, sundaes, and slushes to include shakes, malts, flurries, frozen yogurt, and hard ice cream. Shout out to all our wonderful employees, past and present, who have helped create and name some of our fabulous frozen treats. We often have seasonal specials and feature flavors which make our menu super awesome and super huge compared to other ice cream shops. Give us a taste!


Delitefully Yours,

The Meusels

The Scoop

The Scoop

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303 S. Mason Ave.
Amboy, Illinois 61310

We are open!!

Mon-Fri 2pm-9:30pm

Sat&Sun Noon-9:30pm


118 E. 7th Street

Dixon, Illinois 61024

We are open!!!

Daily 2pm-9:30pm

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